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On-Site Blind Cleaning is provided with our mobile truck unit. We come to your house or business and remove the window coverings. Then we take them out to the truck and put them inside of the utrasonic tank for cleaning. Your blinds are also treated with a dust repellant so they can stay dust free longer. Finally, your clean blinds are re-installed on your windows.

We also repair and restring window coverings on-site.

We can clean on-site:  
  • Silhouettes
  • Luminettes
  • Cellular and Pleated Shades 
  • Mini Blinds, Macro and Micro Blinds
  • Verticals, Vertiglides, Slide-Vue
  • Wood and Faux Wood Blinds.

How does ultrasonic cleaning work? 

We submerge your shades into an ultrasonic machine filled with water. When the machine is turned on, internal transducers create soundwaves at 40,000 cycles per second. These soundwaves create microscopic bubbles that implode on impact and remove the dirt from your window shade.  Because these bubbles are so tiny they can get to any part of the blind and clean it thoroughly. 
They clean vanes, slats, fabric, cords, strings, ladders, headrails and wands. It also lubricates headrails for smoother operation. 

Please email or call us if you wish to make an appointment for blind cleaning.

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